Worker Comp Insurance

What is Worker Comp Insurance?

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance which provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees that have been injured in the course of employment in exchange for the relinquishment of the right to sue the employer over the negligence. The insurance can be used in a variety of ways – commonly it’s used when the individual has become sick as a result of coming into contact with harmful items or when the individual has become injured as a result of negligence. In situations where the individual died as a result of something that happened while on the job, the dependents have to pursue the case on the behalf of the individual in order to get compensation.

What Does Worker Comp Insurance Cover?

Plans tend to different between the jurisdictions. Provisions can be made for payments that would be made weekly in place of the individuals wages, which would be like disability insurance. There may be compensation for economic loss which would include past and future. More commonly there is reimbursement or payment for medical and related expenses, which likens it to health insurance. If workers were killed during the employment, there may be benefits that are paid to the dependents instead. Employers can give a full idea of what worker compensation insurance will cover. If you have any questions your employer will be able to help you.

What Are the Cost Expectations for Worker Comp Insurance?

There are no costs associated with worker’s compensation. Because the individual has been injured while working for their employer, they are not at fault and they have no reason to make any payments towards what is going on with the worker’s compensation situation. However, in exchange for being provided with provisions and payments for their injuries, suffering, or death, there’s the relinquishment of being able to sue the employer over what happened. In some cases, workers may find that it’s more suitable and beneficial to their situation to sue their employer instead, so it’s something that needs to be considered before the individual commits to using the worker’s compensation program.

What Are the Benefits of Worker Comp Insurance?

For people who are not able to pay their medical bills and related expenses that they have incurred due to being injured on the job or made physically ill by their employment, having worker’s compensation can be very helpful. It would ensure that those who would not be able to make these payments would be able to have the costs covered by the employer – which is only fair if the individual has suffered and become injured due to the negligence of their workplace. For those who have already paid for their medical treatments and other related elements, worker’s compensation can help by reimbursing them for the costs that they had to pay for. If an employee is injured and has to take time off of work because of it, the insurance can help by providing them with funds to cover their time off work.