Commercial Trucking Insurance

What Is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Commercial trucking insurance comes in handy when owning a business. This type of insurance provides coverage for not only trucks, but other vehicles used for the business such as trucks and vans transporting goods and employees. It covers these vehicles on behalf of the business, instead of the individuals driving the vehicles. It is also known as fleet insurance, commercial car insurance, or commercial auto insurance.

What Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Cover?

Commercial trucking insurance provides coverage for physical damage of the vehicles and the drivers and passengers, and also provides liability insurance for the business. Commercial trucking insurance covers damaged goods, bodily injury and medical injury coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage and also can provide compressive auto coverage for the business vehicles. It basically covers all the extra things that individual car insurance does not cover, so employees can feel safe and insured while driving business property. Both small businesses and large trucking fleets are covered with commercial trucking insurance.

What Are The Cost Expectations Of Commercial Trucking Insurance?

With all types of insurance, the cost varies based on the type of policy and the amount of coverage provided within the policy. With more coverage the premiums rates will go up, but the business will be supported more by their insurance carrier in times of need. For larger companies with more vehicles, the cost of premiums will rise, but the insurance benefits will be well worth the price. Depending on the size and type of the company, there are different commercial trucking options available so you can customize your policy based on your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Commercial trucking insurance is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, both large fleets of trucks, and small businesses with company-owned cars and trucks that employees drove. Businesses should invest in good commercial trucking insurance because they can get protection in case of car accidents, and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, and also protect the businesses in case of accidents and lawsuits that could occur. Protect your company assets including funds, goods, and employees, by investing in thorough commercial trucking insurance.

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