Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage

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Many homeowners are unclear about whether or not their insurance policy is able to cover hurricane damage. Honestly, the answer tends to depend. Although the types of coverage that are offered by most standard homeowners insurance policies can vary, windstorms are one of the basic perils that most policies are able to cover. This means that your policy should be able to compensate you for your loss or damage to your home that has resulted from a hurricane or other related windstorm in the area. If you live in an area of the country that is prone to hurricanes, then an insurance company may exclude coverage for hurricane damage from a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Even if an insurance company does provide coverage, homeowners insurance policies in states that are at a higher risk for hurricanes usually contain a separate, higher deductible for hurricane damage. If you find that your current policy doesn’t provide coverage for hurricane damage, there are some options that you can consider. You should check with your insurance company and ask if you can add some form of windstorm coverage to your existing policy by purchasing an endorsement. Another option is that you can shop around and try to find another company that would be willing to sell you a homeowner’s policy that would include windstorm damage as a standard covered peril. You can also check to see whether or not your state administers windstorm insurance plans that would pick up where your homeowners insurance is leaving off. If you live in one of those states, you might be able to purchase separate windstorm coverage to provide you with everything you need to cover windstorm damage.

It’s important to keep in mind that hurricanes are often accompanied by floods. Often times, flooding can cause more damage to a home and other property than high winds would. However, neither standard homeowners insurance nor a separate windstorm policy would be able to cover flood damage because they aren’t specific to the issue. If you want to have this type of protection, you should get a separate flood insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program is able to provide flood insurance through the federal government and various private insurers. This is the best bet if you want to ensure that you are covered for everything related to flood damage.

Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to get in contact with your insurance company and ask them questions about your coverage. You may not even realize what is or is not covered until you truly have someone examine your policy and explain to you what is available. If you find that you are not getting the coverage that you are seeking, then there are other policies and insurance providers that you can gain coverage from. As long as you are willing to do some research about what is the most necessary for protecting your property, you should not have any problem with finding a policy that can meet your needs.