Travel Insurance That Is Actually Useful

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There are usually two different types of insurance that people are talking about when they mention travel insurance; the first is trip insurance, the other is medical insurance. Unfortunately, most people find these options to be a rip-off because even though they invest money into to policy, it almost never pays them back or they end up never using the benefits that they’re paying for. For this reason, a lot of people are getting interested in Protect Your Bubble, a lifestyle insurance company. Protect Your Bubble covers the investments that people make in everything, including travel.

"We have this philosophy," company president Stephen Ebbett told MainStreet, "that everything sort of sits in this fragile bubble, and bubbles by their nature can be burst. We can get ill, we can lose things, damage can happen to our possessions, and when that happens, our bubbles are burst and the emotional pain and the financial distress can be severe. Our philosophy is that we're here to protect your bubble.”

The first noticeable aspect of the Protect Your Bubble method is that it simplifies that process of the travel planning. One package covers airfare, medical, and property losses. This is in high contrast to situations where you would have to find coverage for all of these elements separately. Prices start as low as $14. "Trip cancellation is really important," he said. "The average American, in particular, who's traveling abroad is spending $3,000 to $4,000 on their holiday, and if you have a death in the family or something that came up that made it so you couldn't travel, then we provide coverage."

A basic trip policy form Protect Your Bubble fits into the general mold of most others, which protects its users in situations of illness, family emergency, layoff, and other situations. The plan also includes coverage for missed connections and delays. The deluxe plan offers business coverage for when the circumstances change. If you find that you have to cancel a trip because something has come up at the office, you don’t have to lose your investment. Those who choose to cancel get protection for up to 75 percent of their costs.

Medical insurance is ideal for someone who is on a short term vacation. It provides local transportation and $50,000 in coverage. There is also the option to airlift you to a country with better care. The coverage cap of $50,000 is not high enough for a long term traveler who doesn’t have insurance back home, but for most people it would be enough. If your vacation gets canceled because of illness, then Protect Your Bubble will arrange to get the rest of your group back home. Property coverage is also included. "When you go away on holiday you take possessions with you," Ebbett said. "The claims that we tend to see are either claims for baggage that got lost by air handlers, and that can happen, or items that are stolen from your transportation or your hotel or residence. In some rare cases people even end up desperately short of money. In that case we will wire money to them."