Health Insurance Sign Up Approaching

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If you currently cannot afford health insurance or cannot get accepted into a plan, six months from now, that could all change. As part of the Affordable Cart Act, people can start to shop for their insurance coverage on October 1st. Benefits will take effect on January 1st of the following year. There are many who have already said that they are pleased with the news. “Those who are critical of this have never, or at least don’t remember having to make a choice between a doctor’s appointment and food. And that choice is being made all the time,” said Keith Whelpley on Facebook.

The law would provide for more people to find insurance coverage in two ways. This would include the expansion of Medicaid for those who are in low income brackets and also the development of insurance exchanges, which would be available online and allow people to find and purchase plans that would best suit their needs. “We're insuring another 30 to 50 million people (nationwide)," said Michael Ellis, department head of economics and international business at New Mexico State University.

If you already have health insurance, you will be able to choose to stay with your current plan or seek out a new option. If you do not have health insurance, then you will either be covered by expanded Medicaid or you will be able to buy a plan through one of the exchanges without being turned down. Depending on your income, you might be eligible for government subsidies to help you pay down the costs. If you choose not to have any insurance, you will have to pay a penalty that could range from a minimum of $95 to $700, depending on your income.

Those who have a medical condition would still be able to purchase insurance. Companies will not be allowed to reject their applicants based on health status once the exchanges start operating in 2014. New Mexico is in the process of developing its exchange in the moment. For the Las Cruces area, rates could run from as low as $150 to more than $900 depending on factors like age, type of insurance, and whether or not an individual is a tobacco user. There are a lot of people who support the healthcare reform, although they admit that it will be a large undertaking in the long run. At the same time, they admit that America cannot wait much longer for healthcare to experience an overhaul as there have been many problems with the healthcare system that have needed to be addressed greatly. The cost of medical care only continues to rise and it has reached around 17 percent of gross national product, according to experts. Although changing the system is going to be expensive, it is something that absolutely must occur before the country runs the risk of getting to a point where the problems affecting healthcare cannot be fixed at all.