Health Care Options for Children Only

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The rising cost of healthcare has led many parents to choices for insurance they would normally not consider. One of the leading considerations is to have children placed on major medical policies while the parents remain on discount plans or no plans at all. With the health care reform act proposals, the choices may seem slim. In fact, a misconception of the reform proposals is that all citizens must be on insurance or pay a fine. The misconception comes in with the types of insurance available. Too many people believe they must go with major medical coverage or pay the fine. This is not true. In fact, under the health care reform proposals, there are several health care options and some of those options are specifically for children.

Currently, there are only a few insurance companies that offer insurance for children only. These programs are through major medical insurance programs and may have a lower premium. Though this sounds good to parents, there are some aspects of this type of coverage that should be considered. One of the considerations is that the premiums may be lower, but so is the coverage. When a family chooses to place only the children on insurance, they are saving money, but losing valuable health care. In these cases, the choice to save money may not be the best choice. This has some families wondering what the best option is for the financial well-being of the family and the health of the family as well.

One option is to apply for government health insurance programs such as Medicaid. Medicaid is available to pregnant mothers and extends to the child after delivery. The program does cover families who may not be able to afford standard major medical insurance. It also covers prenatal appointments, issues that may arise during the pregnancy, and extends to the child after birth. Parents may not be eligible for the program after delivery, but the child will be. Other government programs for children are also available for as little as $15 a month. These are viable options for families both financially and for health care.

Another option, that is becoming increasingly popular, is for families to shop around for insurance. Major medical coverage is not offered by only BCBS or other well-known companies. In fact, there are several major medical insurance providers appearing that are offering viable and affordable options. Humana, for example, offers over a dozen different policy options that fit most budgets. This makes it much easier for families to include themselves along with children. It saves money, allows for full health coverage, and allows a family to choose the best financial policy for their needs.

Health care options for children only may seem like a good idea at first. This is especially true if your family is having financial issues or if you are concerned about children receiving proper healthcare. The problem is, the considerations of the actual coverage versus the low cost premium will show many families that saving money may not be the best option for health care and children.