Adding Children to Insurance Policies

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If you have major medical insurance, Medicaid, or other insurance program there may be a time when you will need to add a child to that policy. This can be confusing for some families who are already paying a high premium or are unsure of what options to take when adding a child or infant to the policy. The following are a few steps to keep in mind, that will make adding a child to an insurance policy easier.

Contact Your Provider

The first step to adding children to your insurance policy is to contact the provider. The best course of action is to contact them at least two months prior to the baby being born or to the child being added to the policy if possible. This will allow the insurance carrier to help you decide what type of policy you need, benefits of certain policies, and the right way to add the child to the policy. You will also be able to find out what the new premium should be each month. This may increase slightly or it may increase significantly depending on the provider and the policy options.

Choose the Right Coverage

Remember, that your baby or child may need to see the doctor more often that older children or adults. In fact, during the first year of life, a baby has at least 7 appointments that are checkup and vaccination related. Though there are government programs that cover basic visits and vaccinations, major medical plans will also have policy options. You want to make sure that the coverage you choose handles all of the baby checkups, vaccinations, and possible appointments for things like colds and fevers. Also consider that you may have an issue where visiting a clinic or emergency room is necessary. You want to make sure all of these factors are covered and the deductible is a reasonable amount in order for coverage to kick in as soon as possible.

Adding After Delivery

Adding a baby onto a medical policy after delivery can be difficult. Usually the baby would be covered under prenatal or pregnancy policies for the mother with a transition to the policy after delivery. However, in some cases like Medicaid, the transition is a bit different. If you are transitioning your baby or child from Medicaid to a major medical plan, you will need to contact both Medicaid and the insurance company to ensure a smooth transition. Both parties need to know when the child will be added and all appointments should match the dates. This will ensure that the proper insurance company is billed for appointments and no financial confusion happens.

Depending on your insurance company the process for adding a child may be as easy as calling. There are insurance companies that may require a waiting period to pass or may only allow additional family members, including children, to be added during certain times of the year. In order to make sure all family members are on the policy, you will need to meet with your insurance representative.