Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

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Short term health insurance is for the times when you may need insurance coverage for a short period of time, such as when you’re waiting for your primary insurance to kick in or if you’re in between jobs as the moment. Short term health insurance can have disadvantages such as not being approved for it with pre-existing conditions or being pricier than other insurance policies, but it has even more benefits. If you’re considering a short term health insurance policy, these benefits will help you decide if it is fitting to your current situation.

Emergency Situations

If you’re between jobs or about to get covered by health insurance but it has another month or so, anything could happen. It might seem like in such a short amount of time, the chances are slim but you really never know. Going out on the freeway it’s not just up to you to drive safe; you’re trusting your life with everyone else you pass. This could be hundreds of people during each commute. This is just one example of what might occur in that month or two you aren’t covered. If you have an emergency and have short term health insurance, you have immediate access to health care not to mention the savings in medical costs.

Coverage More Quickly

Another benefit to short term health insurance is that you can often the policies very quickly. The application is shorter and easier to fill out, approval happens more quickly, and you can be covered faster than other types of policies. Since it’s for the short term, the insurance policy is shorter so you’re going to get coverage fast. Some policies will even cover you by the next business day after you have purchased and paid for the insurance policy.

Length of Time

While it is a short term insurance policy, if something happens to your other policy or you don’t end up getting the job you want, you can get an extension on the policy. Short term policies typically last about six months, which is a good amount of time to get a job with health insurance and be covered by it. However things happen you can’t predict. Many of the policy companies let you extend it for an additional six months. That means having health insurance for an entire year, which is great news if you have no other forms of health insurance

Lower Premiums

Finally, if you’re concerned about the cost, you don’t need to be with short term insurance. These insurance policies tend to be a lot less to sign up with lower premiums and deductibles. This means you get a policy for 6 months or longer that is less than other types of insurance policies.