Benefits of Major Medical Health Insurance

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Major medical health insurance, or catastrophic health insurance, is a special type of insurance covering the big medical emergencies and issues you might have. They usually cover things like surgery, hospital stays, x-rays, lab tests, and intensive care costs. Even if you don’t suspect needing something like this, it always comes in handy. Chances are, within a year, you or someone in your family will need to use this type of insurance policy and it saves you thousands of dollars in high medical bills.

Cost Savings

Yes the first and most significant benefit to a major medical health insurance plan is the money you will save. The policy does cost more, but compared to any type of emergency or disaster that could occur to those covered, you’re saving several thousands of dollars. Vehicle accidents are common, so what if your covered spouse got into an accident and you didn’t have this insurance coverage? Basic insurance might cover a few thousand dollars, but most likely not the ambulance rid to the hospital or cover all the labs, hospital stay fees, surgery, and recuperation fees. The major medical health insurance covers much more than a regular medical insurance policy.

Access to Medical Care

Another big benefit to major medical health insurance is the immediate access to medical care. Some hospitals or doctors are reluctant to go through with things like major surgery if you only have basic health insurance. This is because they know your policy isn’t going to cover everything and they worry about being paid for the bills. However with major medical insurance, they can see right away the payment will be immediate since you have this extensive insurance policy. If a disastrous event or accident occurred, there is no delay time in the care you or your immediate family receives.

Finding Major Medical Health Insurance

If you’re employed, you will most likely choose the major health insurance option they offer as part of your overall benefits package. However if you’re choosing it on your own, there are some things to consider and look for. You want to find out about their monthly premium, deductible and how much of a deductible you can afford, what kind of coverage you will have, if it covers prescription medications, the cost of doctor visits, hospital stays, and other co-pays, and if you get ill often. If you have a history of needing medical attention, it’s a good idea to get a major medical health insurance policy. However, keep in mind some pre-existing conditions won’t be covered, such as having cancer or another disease that requires extensive medical treatments and coverage. If you’re not sure if your condition will be covered, call and find out more details about the policy.