Benefits of Student Health Insurance

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If you’re in college, you’re most likely at the age where you can no longer be covered by your parent’s insurance policy but don’t yet have a job with medical benefits. This leaves you uninsured unless you’re able to get a student health insurance policy. These policies are available at many colleges, universities, grad schools, and even online institutions. It can help you avoid major medical costs if you get into an accident, offer preventative measures, and help you stay healthy by visiting the doctor when you feel ill. Below you will find a variety of benefits to student health insurance policies.

Cost Savings

You are already paying for your college education and if you’re working, it is probably only part time to pay for books, school supplies and an apartment. Do you really have money left over to pay for a hospital stay or trip to the urgent care? If you have student health insurance, these costs are mostly covered. Most health savings accounts cover 80% of your medical costs as well as have lower premiums, co-pays, and prescription costs than traditional health insurance policies, and much less than private insurance.

Immediate Health Care

With student health care insurance, you also have immediate access to health care. Unlike when you have to pay cash for health care, the urgent care or hospital won’t second guess giving you treatment or make it difficult to admit you. Student health insurance is just like any other type of health care insurance and gets you the care you need right away. This goes beyond emergency trips which allow health care for everyone, but if you need prescription at last minute, a dental appointment, to visit the urgent care after hours, or get a surgical procedure, there isn’t a delay in treatment.

Additional Coverage

Aside from emergency or urgent health care needs, student health insurance also provides a variety of other coverage as well. This includes counseling or therapy, usually on a limited basis, chiropractic or holistic care services, access to birth control and family planning, and mental health services as well. If you’re feeling really stressed over school and it has led to a severe case of anxiety, not only can you see a therapist for your anxiety with the insurance, but they can also offer you prescription medications to help you get through the severe cases of anxiety.

Most colleges and universities will offer student health insurance policies to their students, part and full time. Each policy is different, so contact your school to find out more about what their requirements are and what the policy will include. You might find it offers more coverage and protection than you originally thought.