California Insurance Exchange Chief Has Reform In His Bones

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Republicans in Congress have not been pleased with the new healthcare law and the insurance reform. They believe that the program will be harming patients and will cost too much as time progresses. Although it seems intense, it actually reflects what happened 50 years ago during the debate over Medicare. Peter and Philip Lee are two brothers who worked non-stop to ensure that they would be able to guarantee healthcare for seniors in the future. Now another Peter Lee - Philip’s nephew and Peter’s son - is planning on carrying on the tradition. He is responsible for enrolling Californians into ObamaCare.

Those who oppose the law are waiting to jump on any chances that the law should be disregarded. High enrollment, stable rates, and satisfied customers in California may be able to silence some of the critics of the law as well. Those who are waiting to figure out what they want to do may look at California’s response and determine whether or not they want to get involved. As a result, a lot of what happens is going to depend on Lee. As enrollment in the new marketplace program will begin on Tuesday, Lee has already admitted that he feels the pressure because California will be trying to sign up over 2 million people through the upcoming year.

Lee shared that he finds some comfort in reading through his father’s old files and seeing the amount of controversy that Medicare started when it launched in 1965. It used to be extremely controversial and it didn’t have a solid foundation when it first started out. A huge percentage of seniors saw what was going on though, and knew for certain that they wanted healthcare. The best way to provide them with healthcare was the Medicare program. Years later, it’s clearly a success.

When Lee looks back on the history behind Medicare and everything that the country experienced when the program was being launched, he recognizes that the situation that the country is facing with ObamaCare currently is only a replica of what was happening nearly 50 years ago. As a result, he feels fairly confident that there are going to be a lot of success stories involved with the launch of ObamaCare. People need medical attention and they need to have health coverage. Those who haven’t had it for the past few years are going to make the move towards acquiring it when it becomes available.

Like many others throughout the country, Lee will be watchful to see what the results with California’s approach to ObamaCare will be like. It can be a good indicator of whether or not the program is going to be a success or if it’s going to have a few glitches that will need to be worked out over the years to come. Ultimately, he is hopeful for the best.