Administration Providing New Options

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The Obama Administration announced that there will be new multistate options for the insurance marketplace. Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been signed to be the first provider for over 150 insurance products. There were other companies that were interested in the opportunity, but did not fill out any applications for the marketplace yet. There were also companies that applied, but Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association was the only company that was approved of by the government for participation in the marketplace. The goal is to provide the public with more choices that they will be able to rely on for insurance coverage.

By 2017, government officials are hoping to have 2 multistate options available for 30 states and the District of Columbia. That would be able to reach out to a large demographic by providing them with a wider network of options to choose from. There would be an extensive list of doctors and hospitals that individuals would be able to refer to when they needed medical attention. It is hoped that the amount of options and the network itself would only continue to grow as time progresses.

Having a company that most people recognize is major for the ObamaCare plan. Many people are familiar with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. They know that it is a company that has provided care and insurance coverage to people for decades. Being able to associate the program with a company that most people know to be reliable is going to be a major selling point in getting people interested in signing up for insurance from the marketplace. It may take some time to explain all of the finer points to the program to those who are interested, but when they realize that there are recognizable companies in that list of providers, they’re going to be more willing to get involved.

The other factor is that Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association getting involved with the healthcare reform this directly will set an example to other companies that may be interested in getting involved. It will show them that they are able to expand their outreach to the country in different ways and appeal to masses in a way that previously was not possible now that everyone is essentially insurable. This is something major for any insurance company that is seeking to grow their clientele.

Ultimately, it will take time to truly reveal how the program will benefit and affect the lives of the uninsured throughout the company. However, there are many people who are hopeful that these new additions will only continue to grow and that there will be more choices and opportunities to choose from as the insurance market place continues to expand. After a few weeks, it should become more clearly about whether or not the new options are going to become more popular and drive more people to the marketplace or if alternatives will need to be found for better results.