Obamacare Bashers Forgetting The Aid of Insurance?

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A new study is aiming to prove that purchasing insurance in the upcoming exchanges for Obamacare is a bad option for young individuals who are currently in good health. Much of the information in the study seems to ignore that many of the young individuals who are signing up for the insurance will be making use of it in the future. In the analysis by David Hogberg, there is a serious lack of credibility towards how the health care reform will positively impact the young demographic throughout the country. Hogberg clearly understands that young healthy people new medical attention at time, noting that “those aged 18-34 average about 2.7 physician visits per year” and that the women in the age group tend to use the health care system more than men do. However, he doesn’t acknowledge any of this in his analysis of cost.

Instead, the study examines the subsidies, premiums, and the mandate penalty for going without insurance. While it may be true that some of the healthiest people in the youth demographic could possibly go for years without going to the doctor, it’s more reasonable to acknowledge that many of them do eventually end up going to a doctor because they get sick with the flu or injure themselves while participating in activities. Those are visits that have an obvious cost and require some assistance in the form of insurance, especially for the younger demographic since they struggle with trying to have employment or keep a steady salary.

While purchasing insurance won’t be a major change for many of the more healthy people within the youth demographic, it isn’t wise to think that they’re not going to invest in the opportunity. Many of the people in this demographic are those who have never been able to afford insurance on their own. Some of them have kept healthy very carefully because they didn’t have enough money to afford getting care at the local emergency room when they have fallen ill. Likewise, the indication of someone being healthy doesn’t always mean that they’re not going to be interested in insurance. Many insured people are healthy for the majority of the time that they are covered, but they invest in that health insurance because they know it’s inevitable that they will need help in covering their medical expenses at some point.

Although it may seem questionable to some, there are many health care reform naysayers who have started presenting opinions through studies trying to argue that Obamacare will be useless to the young or may not provide any help at all. In many cases,this is a matter of opinion or may be based on different perspectives of how certain demographics make use of insurance coverage and medical attention. Ultimately, insurance can benefit anyone, regardless of how healthy or young that they may be, because no one is immune to illness and many still struggle to be able to keep up with insurance payments within our economy.