Understanding ObamaCare As It Relates To Your Employer

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Another concern that some people want to have addressed is how ObamaCare is going to relate to the insurance plans that are generally provided by their employer. While this is not so important to those who do not have an insurance plan or those who choose not to use their employer’s insurance package, it’s a great concern for those who have an insurance package from their employer and like it as it currently stands. There are some changes which are going to become relevant based on ObamaCare becoming effective.

In addition to lowering the costs through additional competition, the Affordable Care Act induces some heavy tax on some of the so-called “cadillac plans”, which are high end insurance plans that encourage extra and more expensive health coverage for individuals. The excessive expenditures are considered to be one of the main reasons why healthcare costs are so expensive. These “cadillac plans” are usually offered through your employer, which are now trying to find ways to reduce their offerings in order to try to avoid the tax in the long run. This is one of the more noticeable results to be found in the early days of ObamaCare. Like anything else, it has pros and cons that should be considered.

The positive aspect of this is that companies are going to be offering better packages that are going to decrease healthcare spending overall. This will lead to more affordable care and will also compensate by ensuring that employers will be paying more attention to the healthcare needs and health education among their employees, which has been long ignored for some time now. This will also decrease the long term costs, which is a great thing.

However, there are also cons. Employer plans are going to become less generous and more expensive for their employees in some cases. They may offer fewer services for higher deductibles. The tax may cause lower health care costs overall in exchange for the higher out of pocket spending that is associated with these well-known cadillac plans. For this reason, some people will argue that their insurance is not any cheaper based on the Affordable Care Act and that the ObamaCare plan is actually making their insurance plan that they’re choosing to stay with -- more expensive.

In many cases, the changes that may occur to insurance plans provided by employers is going to vary. It ultimately varies on the type of plan that you are being provided and the benefits that are associated with that plan. Some people may find that they would rather switch to the insurance options provided by ObamaCare, while others may feel more comfortable with the insurance plan they’ve always had from their employer. Ultimately, many individuals are being advised to contact their employer with questions, as their employer may have information or answers that are more personally based on the circumstances of the individual and the options that are available.