Tips on Selling Insurance for the New Agents

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Any type of job that involves sales can be hard. It takes a special type of person to do it and many never make it. The first thing you need to know, when starting as an insurance agent, is to not panic and to take some time to allow yourself to grow into the job. Once you do that, you will start to see return on your hard work and investment. If you are too worried and uptight, you will scare off any potential customers.


After you have calmed yourself, start advertising. Start small if you do not have the funds and take advantage of everything at your disposal. Make sure you use the Internet and social media to your advantage. Take out a few ads on popular websites pertaining to insurance issues. Many times you only pay when someone clicks a link to your webpage, social media page or blog. Door hangers or direct mail is another good and usually inexpensive way to get your name out there.

Offer More than One Insurance

While it may take a bit more study and work, being able to cover all your clients’ insurance needs will get you more clients and more income. You can offer your clients a discount for using you for their auto and home owners insurance. Do not forget to ask about life and health insurance also. Being able to protect their business is another way you can add to your portfolio. Make sure you offer them a bundle deal on all you have.

Give Referral Discounts

Everyone likes to save money. If you have some type of referral discount in place, your current clients are more likely to recommend you to all their friends. Word of mouth can be your biggest method of acquiring new clients.

Keep your Prices Reasonable and Competitive

Most people do not just sign up with the first insurance agent they call. You can be sure they are taking down your quotes and comparing them to other agents’ quotes. You need to be aware of what the other agents are offering and for how much. While it does you no good to undercut everyone so much that you do not make a decent living, it is also silly to think that people are going to pay more than what they are used to paying for the same or lesser coverage.

Be Honest and Quick

When a client calls you with a claim, do not just make a note of it and get back to it sometime down the road. It is important for you to keep your claim times as short as possible. If something is keeping you from getting your clients any claim money, make sure you keep in contact with them and explain the situation. Do not wait until they are calling you and wondering what is going on.

Your reputation will be worth a lot to you. Do not tarnish it with bad practices. Keep your clients happy and they will tell their friends about you and get you even more clients.