Thousands Losing Insurance in Tennessee

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New information has revealed that over 28,000 people in Tennessee will be losing access to state sponsored insurance programs because they are slowing or completely stopping enrollment due to the Affordable Care Act. The programs include CoverTN, Access-TN, CoverRX, and CoverKids. People who are affected by the changes will be able to look for replacement policies that will be provided by ObamaCare when the Health Insurance Marketplace becomes available. However, not everyone is going to be able to qualify for some of the subsidies, which are based on income and whether or not the coverage is offered by an employer.

Letters are being sent out to explain the changes to people who are covered by AccessTN, a program which has been providing insurance coverage for people who have pre-existing medical conditions. CoverRX, a prescription benefits program, is also sending out letters. The 16,000 people who are enrolled in CoverTN, which is a limited benefits plan, have been notified that it will end on December 31. There are many families which have also been notified that they will no longer be able to use CoverKids anymore.

These programs were designed to help fill in the gaps in coverage for people in Tennessee who were having a hard time having access to health insurance. Throughout the past six years, those programs have been able to provide coverage to thousands of people. The programs were established after former governor Phil Bredesen overhauled the TennCare program and cut over 350,000 from the payrolls to avoid a budget crisis in the state. The programs actually stopped many of those people from falling through the gaps in coverage.

There are some who feel that there is no reason to be alarmed that the programs are ending since they are going to be replaced by other programs that will be offered by ObamaCare. However, for those who are not able to qualify for the subsidies, there is some concern. In theory, almost anyone should be able to get insurance based on the new plan, however, it may still be challenging for people who are facing coverage difficulties based on having a low salary or struggling to make ends meet. In theory, they would be eligible for the subsidies, but there is no definite way to determine whether or not that is the case yet.

It is important to understand that not all of the programs are being ended completely. There are some that are simply slowing down enrollment because they feel that there are other programs that may be able to help the people more suitably than they are currently able to. If those programs are not able to provide help to the people, then the open programs will remain to provide assistance instead. There are going to be numerous programs still available in Tennessee which will simply be slowing down their enrollment rate. Although there will be many who will not be insured, there will be many new options for them to change that in the following days and weeks.