Insurers Supporting Long Term Care Consumer Awareness By Association

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Earlier this week, it was announced that a national long term care insurance awareness print ad campaign from Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and John Hancock Insurance company will be running throughout the Long Term Care Awareness Month of November. It will be the fifth national consumer ad campaign by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. The association created Long Term Care Awareness Month during 2001 and has worked hard to remain at the front of consumer and agent awareness efforts.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance was established in 1998 and supports insurance and financial professionals who market various forms of long term care protection. It also advocates for consumer planning. Versions of the previous consumer ad inserts can be found on the internet by visiting the organization’s website. Individuals can also visit the website to gain more information about long term care options and gain more insight into the different ways that they can take advantage of this unique form of coverage for themselves or for a loved one.

The new campaign will showcase a special insert in the November edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. Informational inserts have previously been proven to be effective a addressing important concepts regarding long term care insurance, such as when people should start planning or some of the options that are typically overlooked. Some options can make the insurance more affordable for those who are dealing with tight budgets. However, informational inserts are only possible due to having support from other leading insurers and gaining their commitment to the project.

The most recent insert addresses relevant facts regarding long term care insurance. This includes the fact that insurers paid $6.6 billion in long term care insurance benefit payments to 264,000 claimants during 2012. The goal is to further encourage the opportunity to discuss the role that long term care insurance has in the lives of families throughout the country. Inserts will appear in the November 2013 edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine that is read by 2 million adults between the ages of 50 and 65. The supporting insurers have the option of also making reprints available for use by brokers and agents in the area.

This is one example of some of the simple ways that long term care insurance and its uses can be promoted to people to encourage more awareness. For some people, one of the greatest issues is that they do not realize that options such as long term care insurance even exist. Other people are aware that the option exists, but they don’t know how to make use of it for themselves or for a family member. Still, there are also many people who have long term care insurance coverage, but they are spending too much money on their coverage or they have not yet figured out the best way to take advantage of this option for their budget.