Insurance Claims Advice

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The clean up from Oklahoma’s storms is still going on, but for many of those who have experienced damage, the process of dealing with insurance companies and trying to handle their claims is just beginning. Insurance Commissioner John Doak shared some of the tips that he said may help to keep homeowners with damage from having to pay out of pocket for the repairs and replacements. One woman who had a large tree knocked into her house as the result of the storm instantly called her insurance agent. She recommended calling a tree company that’s listed in the Yellow Pages instead of turning to the internet for advice on companies to use. This is a moment where it pays to be cautious.

She was told that companies in the Yellow Pages tend to be more reputable and more reliable. They are also more likely to be listed with the Better Business Bureau. The woman also noted that it’s very important to understand and know your policy. Having special coverage is important; Doak recommends sitting down with a broker and learning about what can be done to help protect your home and your property in case damage ever happens. The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner said that close to 1000 adjusters have been brought in to assist with the claims. Each homeowner has up to a year to file their claim and when they are choosing contractors, it’s very important to keep certain elements in mind.

Homeowners should look for references and be careful about signing a contract. They should read what it says before they sign anything. There’s no reason to pay until the entire job has been completed and you are satisfied with the work. If there are any large transactions of cash involved, it should be a red flag and a warning that something is wrong. In an instance like what the homeowner experienced with the tree, when a tree falls on top of your home, you need to ensure that the area is secured as soon as possible. If you don’t and it begins to rain and the items instead of your home are lost, then your insurance isn’t going to be able to cover it.

It’s also important not to discard anything that has been destroyed. Hang on to all of your receipts so that you don’t end up paying out of pocket for your repairs and your replacements. If you don’t like how your insurance is handling the claim, then you should contact the insurance department for your area. They will be able to provide you with more insight and will be able to examine your claim and your policy. Sometimes working with a different insurance company or organization can provide you with the additional help that you need in order to improve your situation and fix the issues that were caused by the damage to your house.